Getting in touch

I’m always happy to talk to you; however, please consider my inbox before reaching out.

I will not reply if you’re sending me (1) recruiting emails or (2) requesting debug help. (For debugging, google-fu will serve you well.)

If you’re still reading this, dope. I’m ready and willing to reply to…

  • questions/issues/ideas about my papers, blog posts, projects (code+like), and things of that nature
  • questions about research, career planning, etc.
  • questions about getting started in fields like…
    • natural language processing (nlp)
    • machine learning (ml)
    • virtual reality (vr)
    • haptics
    • digitial signal processing (dsp)
    • electroencephalography (eegs)

NOTE: For your email to reach me, it must be sent to Otherwise, I can guarantee I won’t see it.